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When you are first seated at a restaurant, what is the first thing you do? Look at the menu, of course! But for people who are blind and partially sighted, restaurant menus are not usually available in a format they can read. Finding out what is on the menu often involves asking wait staff to read the menu, causing a feeling of dependence for the customer and taking up time the server could spend taking care of other aspects of the customer service experience.

Providing braille menus at your establishment can lead to higher customer satisfaction, increased business, and time savings for your staff. It demonstrates to blind and partially sighted customers that they are valued at your establishment, leading to a more positive experience. It is proven that braille menus attract groups that contain blind and partially sighted customers. If given the opportunity to peruse the menu independently, these customers are more likely to order dishes they wouldn’t otherwise. Finally, braille menus save wait staff from having to read entire menus and allows them to focus on providing customer service to everyone. In short, braille menus will boost the satisfaction of your customers and give you a leading edge over your competitors.

When you select to get your braille menus produced by BIRDS, you are supporting summer independence camps and blindness/Deafblindness skills training programs for blind and Deafblind children, youth and adults across Canada. Proceeds from the sale of braille menus are being used to fund these important programs.

Cost Breakdown

Transcription + 2 free menus
Additional Copies of Menu
$0.56/Braille Page + $2 Binding Fee

Stand-Alone Dessert/Beverage Menu

If your dessert or beverage menu is part of your regular menu, they are included free of charge in the cost for your regular menu.

Transcription + 1 free menu
Additional Copies of Menu
$0.56/Braille Page + $2 Binding Fee

Next Steps

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Main Menu, Stand-Alone Dessert/Beverage Menu